3rd Annual Black Feminism, Womanism and the Politics of Women of Colour in Europe

Saturday, 29th September 2018

SAVVY Contemporary | Berlin


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#WoCEurope Special Session

For those  travelling to Berlin a day early, we have organised a film screening and a Q&A with the directors about women of colour and the fall of the Berlin Wall:

‘The Wall Fell on Our Heads’: Women of Color and Their Perspectives on the Fall of the Berlin Wall

Date and Time: Friday, September 28th, 7pm
Location: xart splitta, Hasenheide 73, 12052 Berlin

Duration: approximately 60 minutes
Directors: Iman Al Nassre and Diane Izabiliza
Q&A: Jeannette Higiro, Diane Izabiliza and Iman Al Nassre

This movie was created as part of the project: „Verwobene Geschichte*n- Geteilte Erinnerungen in Berlin” (Entangled (His)Stories-Divided Memories in Berlin)

A recurring theme of our events in Edinburgh in 2016 and Amsterdam in 2017 is Black feminist/Afrofeminist/Womanist history and memory. By bringing together a wide range of cis and trans* women of colour and non-binary folks from across Europe, how do we ensure that we honour and remember trailblazing struggles of those who came before us? By building this Black feminist space, who is tacitly included and excluded? How do we learn from our past in order to take effective action in the present and future? How do we build and sustain meaningful intergenerational debates about Black feminism?

To that end, the theme of this year’s event is about making visible the long history of Black feminist/Afrofeminist/Womanist activism in Europe. Having this symposium in Berlin is fortuitous because the city served as a backdrop for the pioneering transnational, inter-generational solidarity work of Audre Lorde, May Ayim, Ika Hügel-Marschall, Katharina Oguntoye and a network of Afro-German feminists in the 1980s and 1990s. When we seek to remember Black feminist resistance, we should be expansive in our understandings of what activism looks like. Lorde (1977) famously described living in the United States as surviving in the ‘mouth of a dragon’; so too is everyday life for many cis and trans* women of colour and non-binary folks of colour in Europe. Thus to name Black feminist resistance means that we must look beyond traditional forms of activism in the shape of demonstrations and pickets and also examine the everyday protests of existence and survival.

We seek activist narratives, academic papers, practice-based reflections and art/music/film contributions related, but not limited, to:

  • Black feminist/Afrofeminist/Womanist memory and history
  • Black feminist/Afrofeminist/Womanist archival activism
  • Women of colour’s everyday life as protest
  • Intergenerational dialogue and activism
  • Queer and Trans* Black feminism/Afrofeminism/Womanism
  • Borders, border-crossing and citizenship
  • Care, caring and affective relations
  • Transnational, intersectional and intergenerational coalition-building
  • Decolonising knowledge production
  • Building Black feminist /Afrofeminist/Womanist activist spaces
  • Women of colour and digital diasporas

Please send titles and abstracts of no more than 300 words, which include your name, affiliation and contact details, to woceuropeconference@gmail.com by Friday 20th April 2018. Please note the call for papers is closed.

Organising committee

Akwugo Emejulu, University of Warwick | Dominique Haensell, Freie Universität Berlin| Melody Howse, Universität Leipzig | Iris Rajanayagam, xart splitta | Mai Zeidani Yufanyi, Inssan e.V.